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Business Services

Bookkeeping & Accounting

Strategize Your Business

Empower your business by maximizing its earning potential. Our team is dedicated to efficiently managing your bookkeeping and accounting needs, freeing up your time to fuel business growth. With real-time books, you gain the agility to make informed decisions, whether it's hiring a virtual assistant, acquiring assets, or venturing into new opportunities. No matter your business journey, we're here to collaborate and set a tailored strategy for your success.

Service includes:

  • Monthly Bookkeeping
  • Payroll Administration
  • Accounts Receivable & Payable
  • Business Strategy
  • CFO Services
  • And much more...


Business Start Up

Formalize Your Business

Secure your business's future by minimizing personal liability. Let us guide you through the process of formalizing your business, including obtaining an LLC (Limited Liability Company) and EIN (Employer Identification Number). With these foundational steps, you not only establish a legal structure but also gain crucial protections and a solid foundation for growth. (Starting at $350)

Service includes:

  1. Articles of Organization Certificate - A legal establishment of your limited liability company (LLC) from your state

  2. Employer Identification Number (EIN) - A Federal Tax Identification Number used to identify your business entity


Tax Preparation Services

Individual Tax Returns

coffee mug near open folder with tax withholding paper

Receive personalized assistance for your specific tax needs. Individual tax preparation can be confusing, but at SW Strategic Solutions, we go beyond mere tax filing — we're your dedicated guides, making the process clear and simple. Our goal is to simplify taxes, ensuring you understand everything easily and steer clear of IRS issues. Consider us your partners in navigating individual tax compliance, ready to support you at every turn.

Services include:

  • Tax planning guidance to plan the best way to cut future tax bills
  • Federal Individual Income Tax returns (Form 1040)
  • Back Tax Return Filings
  • IRS Letter Review
  • Audit Assistance
  • State return(s)
  • Local return(s)



Business Tax Returns

File Your Taxes

Access top-tier tax services for your business, covering Corporate, Partnership, and Non-Profit Tax Returns. Managing business tax prep complexities can be overwhelming, but with us, it's more than just filing taxes — we're your committed guides, simplifying the process. Our dedication is to make taxes less intimidating, ensuring you comprehend the details and minimize the risk of IRS inquiries. Count on us as your partners in mastering tax compliance, providing unwavering support for your business every step of the way.

Services include:

  • Tax planning guidance to chart a course for decreasing future tax obligations and preparation of your business’s tax return
  • Form 1065 (Partnership)
  • Form 1120S (S Corporation)
  • Form 1120C (C Corporation)
  • Form 990 Series (Non-Profit)


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